Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A pipe dream, more like a stick shift Dream

I bought this stick shift in Cuero, Tx. The store owner said that the man she bought if from did not want to give it up, but his wife made him, poor guy!

This stick shift makes me want to buy a 1985 Ford Truck. The one below looks almost exactly like the one my older sister had to drive in high school. Her first car had been stolen (out of our blocked in driveway, very suspicious) so she was left with my one of my grandfather's ranch trucks. No AC, and a bullet hole through the top where one of his friends aimed too low.
.I dream of installing my Virgen de Guadalupe stick shift into an 85" Ford Truck of my own.
A girl can dream ; ).


  1. Now that is just too cool! I may have to have one too.
    Ladybug Creek

  2. You don't want to put it in YOUR old high school truck. Did we name it Black Thunder??? I just remember mine was White Lighting!