Monday, April 13, 2009

Round Top Part II

I think I got some really interesting pieces this year. Some of the items are things I collect and others are just items that I thought were unique, and a good price.

Here are just some of the "smalls" I bought at Round Top.

I have been slowly building a collection of white pyrex or fireking mixing bowls, these two I found in a tent that was set up next to a house off of hwy 290. I paid just $10 for both.

I found this horse in Warrenton on a half price table. I am really starting build a collection of these ceramic horses, this is my 3rd horse purchase this year. I think I paid $10 for this blue beauty.

3 items in this pic; silver plate bowl with lion, huge amber beads, and an agate slice.
Bowl - $4, Amber beads $30, Agate slice - $4

And here is a close up of the lions head!

Gold and Black silhouettes - $15

Silver vases, these vases are ceramic with a metallic finish. I am going through a mercury glass phase and these vases really fit in with the look I am trying to achieve.
Vases $8 for both

And of course milk glass. I went in to this shopping trip saying I was "not going to buy any more milk glass". But these pieces were really unique, and I knew they would be great additions to my collection.

I found these botanical prints at an antique store in Carmine off of hwy 290. The booth's seller was closing shop and everything was %50 off. The sale price was $5 dollars each!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Round Top Part 1

This past weekend I headed to Round Top for the semi-annual antiques weekend. I met my mom, sister, and some good friends to spend way too much money, walk miles and miles until my entire body hurt, and have way too much fun.

On this particular trip I was not looking for anything specific, just some good deals and more items to add to my storage unit. Below are some of the larger pieces I purchased.

Gold shelf $20

Cursive L (is about a foot tall) $5

Planning on painting it black or turquoise and hanging it somewhere??

Small coffee table $12

And the best purchase of the weekend!!!!


Italian gold leaf side tables (they are a little beat up, and are missing a few knobs but the price was too good to pass up). I was in Carmine checking out the local antique stores when I saw just one of these tables outside with this tag on it. Now to most people this would be a great price, but the piece did have some problems and I was debating whether or not I could save it. But then I saw that there was another matching table with the same tag on it. However, I was still struggling with my decision, so I went inside the antique store to ask the owner about the tables. She said that she was trying to get rid of them and would give me a deal. So I asked "what's the best price you can do" and she said "$50 bucks for both" and I said "Sold"!

With some gold leafing, two knobs and some TLC these table are going to look "AMAZING"

The next post will be of all the smalls I bought, and yes there are some milk glass pieces included.