Monday, January 5, 2009

Milk Glass


I am cutting myself off. NO MORE MILK GLASS!!!
Please view exhibits A, B and C below. And yes this is my own personal collection.

At least not white milk glass. turquoise and black can slide on by.
I started off not loving white milk glass. My mother had a huge beautiful collection, but I never really felt like it was something I wanted to collect. Then one day "BAM" I am obsessed and cannot get enough. Now I probably have over 80 pieces. Of course one color is not enough, so I started collecting the the shell pink. However shell pink is hard to find and when you do it is usually by someone who knows what it is (don't you just hate that) and is way out of my price range. Shell pink led to the even harder to find turquoise and just recently I scored two beautiful black pieces, so I guess I am on to black.

Quick note: I know that I am not necessarily using the correct terminology for milk glass and its various incarnations. If you are versed in glassware please school me on the right terms to use.

At this moment...

At this moment......

I am currently obsessed with silhouettes and mirrored furniture. Of course I always become attached to things that a) are not readily available or b) are way out of my price range (i.e. elementary teacher paying to get her masters). In my mind I am very artsy crafty, but the fact of the matter is every silhouette I attempt to make myself never turns out quite right. I have bought a few silhouettes on ebay, but they were the size of my palm (I know I should have read the dimensions before bidding). If anyone makes silhouettes or has any ideas on how or where to get them please give send me a line.

As for the mirrored furniture, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to attempt a DIY project. Now all I need is the perfect piece of cheap furniture, a cheap glass company, some silver leaf, and I should be set.

Below is the little collection I do have, I resorted to adding black and white etchings and drawings to help fill the space. The deer horns are something I bought at a flea market and then hand painted with a color I mixed of black and silver acrylic paint.