Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer means Lots of Thrifting

When I am on summer vacation from school I get to do tons of thrifting. I would usually hit the Hidalgo Flea Market on Fridays during the summer, but a new source has popped up and now you can find me in Hidalgo Wednesday Thursday and sometimes Friday. And of course I hit the Mcallen pulga Saturday and Sunday.

I decided to try my hand at selling on ebay and etsy with all of the extra finds I have collected this summer. I like ebay for the instant gratification, and etsy is nice if you are not in any hurry. My etsy shop and ebay listings can be found under my user name lharri15.

Ebay lsitings

 Fashion Plates from 1978, I remember playing with this as a kid!

 Blue Ridge Yellow Nocturne bowls, vegetable and berry.

 Polaroid 600 Business Instant Camera with film. Still works!

 Pair of Vintage silhouettes.

 FIGGJO FLINT from Norway vintage sugar bowl with lid.

My Etsy Shop lharri15  Three Hermanas

 Calderon vintage leather handbag from the 50's with bamboo handle.

 Mid Century Modern Sputnik Lamps

Vintage fabric by Maradi from Nairobi Kenya (3+ yards)
Vintage Martha Stewart Cookbook

And of course will still have lots of treasures at Haringen Jackson Street and Edinburg Market Days.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I am officially on summer vacation! And summer vacation means I can go to the Hidalgo Flea Market on Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday if I want to. And this week I almost did just that. I had to work Wednesday but I was in Hidalgo bright and early Thursday morning waiting for "Oscar" to start unloading his truck.

So here is my haul.....
 Bordallo white cabbage salad plates (2).
Metal reindeer and red mercury glass ornament
 I find myself buying Christmas decor all year long. And it is usually a lot cheaper when your buying it in June as opposed to November or December, even at the flea market.

And a little Ciara and INXS for good measure!

Cannot wait to show the treasures I got this week1

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A pipe dream, more like a stick shift Dream

I bought this stick shift in Cuero, Tx. The store owner said that the man she bought if from did not want to give it up, but his wife made him, poor guy!

This stick shift makes me want to buy a 1985 Ford Truck. The one below looks almost exactly like the one my older sister had to drive in high school. Her first car had been stolen (out of our blocked in driveway, very suspicious) so she was left with my one of my grandfather's ranch trucks. No AC, and a bullet hole through the top where one of his friends aimed too low.
.I dream of installing my Virgen de Guadalupe stick shift into an 85" Ford Truck of my own.
A girl can dream ; ).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Only one purchase today, which is a little odd. I don't know if it was that there was not much to find, or if I was just being more selective. Anyway I did pick up this interesting  (to me) piece.

 Small plate with United States Army Medical Department Stamp.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The World At Your Feet

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a globe on the floor next to one of my living room chairs.

 I found it as is, with a string run through the hole in the top and bottom, but without a stand. At first I had grand plans to make it a lamp/light fixture like those I saw in Round Top, but alas I am not that crafty. So on the floor it goes, and there it stays (at least for a little while).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too many pillows?

Too many pillows? Too much pattern?

This situation was a total accident, I was making room on my other couch and tossed the cheetah and union jack onto the aqua sofa. When I looked over I though that looks Bad A**! And it funks up my somewhat tame living room.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Everyday Table Setting

My dining table had been bare for a while, with only a large vase as a centerpiece. I started playing with some napkins and placemats I had picked up (at St. Vincent De Paul in Dallas). I added some pewter chargers (Texas Thrift Store San Antonio) and my Blue Willow dinner plates (Goodwill Dallas, that I paid the way high price of 1.99 each). I added a wrought iron plate/plant(?) stand with deer antlers (both purchased from a shop in Cuero).

I'm really digging the look.

A quick trip to the flea market

I usually hit the Mcallen flea market on Saturday and Sunday, but this pass weekend I was selling at Edinburg Market Days so I could only make it to the flea market on Sunday.

I like to get there around 9 in the morning to avoid long lines and to get a good parking spot.

Anyway...... Here are my finds for this week.

Box of vintage pressed glass Park Lane by Colony green goblets (7 goblets in the box)

And the rest of the haul.....

Funny story about the brass deer... I stop to ask the price and the dad is slicing and eating watermelon and points back with his knife to his son who yells out diez (10). I reply "diez?" not sure I heard correctyly (because I think that is a ridiculous price. In a bad way not a good way). I put the piece down and start to walk away the dad yells ocho (8), and I keep walking then he yells cinco (5) and of course I turn around and say sold. I love it when that happens. And although 5 dollars was still a little too high (in my opinion) I knew I was keeping it for myself so I was okay with it.

Most of these items will be up for sale at the next market days. (except the brass deer candle holder, see post below).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Obsessed with Brass

Lately I have found myself drawn to any and all things brass. I just love the patina of aged brass and it really goes well with the decor of my home.

A few months ago I was pumped to find these two large hammered octagonal planters.
Of course I don't have a place for them..... yet.

I pick up candlesticks and nic nacs when I'm out thrifting

And the piece de resistance

A brass plant stand
Oh so pretty!