Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Apartment

All of my "used" furniture looked really great in my old apartment in Dallas. I lived in a small complex in the lakewood area. "The Durango" was renovated building from the 60's or 70's and the management company Power Properties. The apartment had hardwood floors and dark blue grey accent walls that were a really nice backdrop to my collection of modern/traditional/hollywood regency decor. Below are photos from Power Properties website of my old complex and a "show" apartment.

I now live in a new cookie cutter apartment with wall to wall carpeting and plain white walls, which see to accentuate the scratches, tears, and worn out places on my furniture. And I am not quite sure if my stuff really fits, but I will let you be the judge.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Too much stuff Too little space

Over the past few years I have lived in several small apartments, with and without roommates. So although I have a passion for collecting furniture and knick knacks, I usually do not have enough space to showcase them in the place I am living. Case in point, about a year ago at Canton First Monday, I had found a great deal on an old patio set (the pieces were aluminum and had that bamboo/chippendale look going on).

I found a love seat and small tables from one vendor, and 4 chairs from another. The catch, I did not have a patio to put the pieces on, in fact I had never lived in a place that could have accommodated any type of patio furniture let alone 8 pieces. It took me trips to get all the pieces back to my apartment, where they sat taking up the entire back of the dining room and living room. The only choice I had was to get a storage unit.
Though this may seem crazy to some, I continue to buy items that I have no physical space in my apartment to put them. But I remember once reading about a designer who said that he had multiple storage units where he stockpiled all of the pieces he had collected over they years, so that when he did finally have a large enough home he would be able to fill every room with his special pieces. This is the story I am sticking to as well.
Latest purchase that I have no room for in my apartment. A vintage wheat grass metal wall hanging. Bought at the All City Indoor Market held once a month at the Pharr International Convention Center.

And, a piece that I do have room for, milk glass.