Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pelmet Box

I am not completely sure how you pronounce Pelmet, but as a fellow blogger once commented everything sounds better in french, or at least pronounced with a french accent. Anyway..... I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs Little Green Notebook
I didn't follow her directions exactly (which translates into I am waiting for it to come crashing down at any moment). But until it does, I think it turned out pretty well, and adds a little extra pizazz to my dining room.

The foam board cut and taped in the design I selected.

The finished product.

For a full step by step tutorial, check out Little Green Notebook.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Living Room

I was waiting to post these pictures until I could find where I put the before photo, but thanks to my Mom's plug (said with a sarcastic tone) on her blog White Spraypaint I didn't want to keep anyone waiting too long.

I purchased these 3 pieces at an antique store in downtown Harlingen. They were in pretty bad shape to begin with, so I got them for an incredible price (at least I think it was an incredible price) $150.

With the help of my parents I hauled all the pieces back to Mcallen and immediately dropped them off at Garcia's Upholstery (Its a hole in the wall place just south of downtown on old 83). I dumped all the pieces, told Mr. Garcia I was in nooooo hurry, and went on a quest to find fabric.

I stumbled upon the linen(esque) light blue fabric in the clearance section at Hancock's, and haggled down the price to $4 dollars a yard. (the haggling part is a long story for another time).

Now for the trim, it was impossible to find a trim that matched exactly and did not clash too much with the wood, or was sooo loud that it was all you saw. I finally decided on nailhead trim, and ordered 50 yards from , check out there sight they have great stuff at reasonable prices.

Ok, long story long the finished results are below. And if you live in the RGV and need something recovered, I highly recommend Garcia's Upholstery, they do incredible work at a great price. See for yourself below.

I am still in the process of arranging my living room with the new pieces, and I will post pics when I have it completed.

The Birds

Every morning and evening I am greeted by the singing of birds outside my apartment. There is a small canal with tall grasses growing, where the birds congregate before going on there way. Well this afternoon the chirping was especially loud, and when I stepped out onto my balcony I was greeted with a frightening sight. Hundreds of birds had gathered, and I could only stay outside long enough to take a few pics and film the video below. I was afraid at any moment they would all come flying toward me just like a scene from the above named Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Yes all those black dots are birds!

A short video of how many there were and how LOUD they were!